Halloween at UAS

kasey-chen-1BY KASEY CHEN
Staff  Writer, UAS Whalesong

Students glowed under black light at the Student Activities Board’s (SAB) annual Halloween Dance at UAS on Friday, October 28. The dance lasted from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. with a brief break early in the evening after the fog machines caused the fire alarm to sound. Attendees filed outside while the DJ, student Axel Gillam, played tunes such as Sean Kingston’s, “Fire Burning on the Dance Floor,” and Pitbull’s, “Fireball.” After the Fire Department cleared the space, it was back to the dance floor for the crowd. Two large-scale, paper trees decorated the Student Activities Center (SAC), and a floor to ceiling, florescent skeleton hung at the back of the room.

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The Graveyard Gala

For the UAS Whalesong
At the Recreation center on October 30, costumed individuals approached this year’s Graveyard Gala and danced the night away before Halloween. The Recreation Center was decked with the spooky spirit as beanie babies and a few superheroes lurked the halls in and out of the dance area. The Whalesong had nearly every employee there, decked out in his or her best costume.
Felix and Axel were in charge of the music, mixing in certain requests between the songs typically found at a dance, both offering a different mix of style in DJing.  The dancing mostly occurred with specific songs, causing people, like lead reporter Alexa Cherry, jumping to go and dance. The two DJs offered mostly the typical dance music while also listening to public requests that could be found on Spotify. This did lead to big group dances, like the “Macarena” or “Cha Cha Slide” where lines of people maneuvered with each other for the full effect. Group dance circles were made, some large for more adventurous types to go and smaller groups for those who preferred select people, but people walked in and out of both, having fun all over the place. In larger groups people cheered on each other as individuals showed their moves.
Members of the SAB, like Austin Hales, slowly joined in with the groups, trying to rally people’s energy into enjoying themselves, and it worked. They easily corralled everyone into have a fun and active time with friends during the night. They remained in the spirit of the season with appropriate sweets, such as a batch of cupcakes frosted to look like a spider web and assorted candy. Continue reading “The Graveyard Gala”