The UA Board of Regents at UAS

UAS was celebrated for outstanding attitudes and new approaches to learning, especially student initiatives and participation in and out of classrooms. I didn’t publicly testify for or against anything but instead listened to several individuals who gave heartfelt testimonies on the topic of tuition, and what increase would be acceptable.

Student Government Update

BY CALLIE CONERTON For the UAS Whalesong As your Student Senate, we want to make sure that you know what is going on at Student  Government and what changes are happening on campus. As representatives of the student body, YES THAT IS YOU, we want to always have our doors open to whatever issues you…

Naming the Freshman Residence Hall

Making my way up several flights of stairs, I reached the 3rd floor common room and promptly commenced high-level internal screaming. While I had come prepared to take notes and pay attention, I had not gotten any kind of memo about the dress code. “It’s business casual, I think,” the registrar told me as she passed by where I stood rooted to the floor in slowly abating horror. Formal suits and moderately fancy dresses met my eye as far as it could see, leaving me to feel increasingly inadequate in my green corduroys and phases-of-the-moon sweatshirt. Still, things could have been worse. At least I hadn’t worn my Grumpy Cat “I hate Mondays” T-shirt. Trying to exude “business casual,” I edged further into the common room, keeping a sharp lookout for further upper-class social event hazards I might have to navigate.


To start with, let me say that I have several reasons for wanting to help out with orientation, as well as for why I think doing so is a great idea. One of the first and most prominent reasons is that it gets you back into the swing of social interaction really quick. I spent this past summer at home and, while I had a part-time job selling sporting equipment to youthful aspiring NFL linebackers, the majority of my time was spent in relative isolation 30 minutes away from all human contact. I went from 4 months with no real social interaction (apart from my pets and immediate family) to suddenly being immersed in people and introductions and events. If this sounds wild, you’re right! However, going from zero to a hundred in this regard is definitely not for everyone.

An Interview with Chancellor Caulfield

BY LEXI CHERRY For the UAS Whalesong The UAS Whalesong’s Lexi Cherry had the opportunity to sit down with newly-minted Chancellor Rick Caulfield. Lexi Cherry: Tell us your story. Who are you? Where did you come from? Rick Caulfield: I came to Juneau in 1975 on the ferry Columbia, and I ended up moving up…