UA: An Alternative Defense

daniel-piscoya-1BY DANIEL PISCOYA
Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong

In Staff Writer Erin Laughlin’s article on the University of Alaska’s budget debate with the state, she makes reference to the projection that, by 2025, 65% of Alaska’s jobs will require higher education. For the Alaska Postsecondary Access and Completion Network, this isn’t simply a projection, this is a goal. Nicknamed the “65 by 2025” goal, the network has aimed to ensure that “65% of Alaskans have a credential by 2025,” according to their website, Continue reading “UA: An Alternative Defense”

University of Alaska’s Future in Flux

erin-laughlinBY ERIN LAUGHLIN
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

The UA system employs 923 fewer people and has eliminated or suspended 50 academic programs due to a 53 million dollar decrease in funding over the past three years.

In the upcoming year the budget faces a daunting 20 percent decrease in funding. This is a larger decrease in one year than the system has seen over three years according to UA President Jim Johnsen during his annual State of the University address.

President Johnsen delivered his address to a packed house at the Alaska Chamber and the Juneau Chambers Business Roundtable lunch series in the Hangar Ballroom on Feb. 16.

In the address he also outlined the challenges facing the upcoming lean budget. The UA system faces a wide arrangement of short and long-term challenges. Continue reading “University of Alaska’s Future in Flux”

The University’s Real Image Problem

daniel-piscoya-1BY DANIEL PISCOYA
Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong

According to the FY2017 Approved Operating and Capital Budgets, I have seen the University raise tuition by over 12% (Appendix B) since I arrived in Fall 2013, and then request an additional 5% increase in the FY2018 Operating and Capital Budget Requests.

As made clear in the titles of the documents above, the University’s Operating Budget (programs, staff salaries, tuition) and its Capital Budget (renovations and campus signs) are two very separate things. An increase in one does not necessarily offset the other. Continue reading “The University’s Real Image Problem”

University of Alaska Copes with Another Year of Cuts

kasey-chen-1BY KASEY CHEN
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

At their November 10 meeting, The University of Alaska Board of Regents (BOR) approved a tuition hike of 5 percent and solidified their budget request for the 2018 fiscal year. Their plan accounts for a decrease in state funding over the next 10 years and relies on a surge of enrollment based on projections saying 65 percent of jobs in Alaska will require some postsecondary education by 2025, a 28 percent increase from today’s 37 percent. They are currently in the second phase of a 3-phase plan for restructuring entitled “Strategic Pathways,” which seeks to review and consolidate programs within the university system. Continue reading “University of Alaska Copes with Another Year of Cuts”

Rally: “Keep Bright Stars in Alaska” for University of Alaska Funding

Last Tuesday at noon, Alaskans gathered outside the Capitol with a loud and clear message to the legislature: the University of Alaska is important to all Alaskans. The House Finance Subcommittee moved forward roughly $50 million in cuts from the budget proposed by the UA Board of Regents. The budget sent to the House Finance Committee included funding for student instruction and the bare minimum … Continue reading Rally: “Keep Bright Stars in Alaska” for University of Alaska Funding