Future of UAS School of Education Uncertain

holly-fisher-1BY HOLLY FISHER
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

Although the UAS School of Education has grown into an efficient, prolific, and diverse school, the Board of Regents may be putting its administration on the chopping block in 2017 and giving the reins to UAF. Continue reading “Future of UAS School of Education Uncertain”

University of Alaska Copes with Another Year of Cuts

kasey-chen-1BY KASEY CHEN
Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong

At their November 10 meeting, The University of Alaska Board of Regents (BOR) approved a tuition hike of 5 percent and solidified their budget request for the 2018 fiscal year. Their plan accounts for a decrease in state funding over the next 10 years and relies on a surge of enrollment based on projections saying 65 percent of jobs in Alaska will require some postsecondary education by 2025, a 28 percent increase from today’s 37 percent. They are currently in the second phase of a 3-phase plan for restructuring entitled “Strategic Pathways,” which seeks to review and consolidate programs within the university system. Continue reading “University of Alaska Copes with Another Year of Cuts”

A Letter from the Editor

Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong

As many of you already know, University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen announced recently that the university is considering a number of cuts to college sports teams at UAF and UAA. These teams include UAF and UAA’s cross country (or nordic) ski teams. Continue reading “A Letter from the Editor”

Strategic Pathways: What’s Next?

holly-fisher1BY HOLLY FISHER
For the UAS Whalesong

In light of Alaska’s budget deficit, the University of Alaska system has opted to adopt the Strategic Pathways plan to address current and upcoming budget cuts. The project caused a concerned reaction upon its initial introduction, but the University has made a concerted effort to maintain open communication and community involvement. UA President Jim Johnson and all those working on the Pathways project have been very open to commentary from faculty, students, and surrounding communities. At the recent Board of Regents meeting here in Juneau, the presentations attempted to take into account the considerations of interested parties. A casual meet-and-greet style open event Thursday, Sept. 15 was held to allow people to have a chance to talk to the Board members, President Johnson, and even Juneau Mayor Ken Koelsch. By providing these opportunities and making information readily available, they are working to acclimate the UA campuses to the large changes that are being considered for the coming years. Continue reading “Strategic Pathways: What’s Next?”

The UA Board of Regents at UAS

For the UAS Whalesong
As you no doubt have heard, the UA Board of Regents met in Juneau Sept. 17-18, bringing news of future budget changes and tuition adjustments, and to celebrate the naming of the John R. Pugh Residence Hall. I had the opportunity to sit in on both days and observe ongoing discussion on several topics.
UAS was celebrated for outstanding attitudes and new approaches to learning, especially student initiatives and participation in and out of classrooms. I didn’t publicly testify for or against anything but instead listened to several individuals who gave heartfelt testimonies on the topic of tuition, and what increase would be acceptable. Continue reading “The UA Board of Regents at UAS”