Strange Things to Do: Bumbershoot

For the UAS Whalesong
Friends, my readers, you lovely people: Why are you here in Juneau studying at UAS? I’m here for the simple fact that it was going to be a stepping stone university, and then I started learning Tlingit. Shortly after I began learning Tlingit, I enrolled in the Alaska Native Studies program. So, now I’m here for a while because it’s the most logical place to be in my field of study. Despite my story, I am aware some of you made a big decision to travel far and wide just to attend this university. Why? Well for one, this place is sort of amazing, but at the same time Alaska is also this happy balance of amazing stuff, strange stuff, and crazy weather all rolled into one snowball in the face for anybody who decides to reside here. I am here with this article to talk about an amazing yet strange (and crazy weather as well, I suppose) experience I had recently. Continue reading “Strange Things to Do: Bumbershoot”

Listening to Shiver Twins


Southeast Alaska never ceases to amaze me in how it continuously proves how small of a world we actually live in. It’s fun in a sense though, because you can always be certain that you don’t know everything and there are always new surprises around the bend waiting for you. It’s crazy to me that I can live in Juneau for two years, come through this town my whole life, and still there is always some super cool band, restaurant, event, class, etc. that I don’t know about until I find them in the most unlikely places. Like the band, Shiver Twins! Continue reading “Listening to Shiver Twins”