Goodness Gracious, Flambéed Bananas!


A couple of weeks ago, I was taken by none other than the lovely editor of this paper to go check out a “new” restaurant in town. The reason I put “new” in quotes is because the restaurant isn’t new, as such. Rather than being a completely new company, in a completely new establishment, they’re a new take on an old idea. The restaurant I’m speaking of, as you’ve probably guessed, is (or rather, was) the Waffle Co. However, the previous owners sold it and the new owners wanted to go for a more comprehensive menu schematic, as well as a new look overall. So they got a new menu, name, and paint job. I got to go check it out on Feb. 11, the day GonZo officially opened for business as a supposedly “new and improved” establishment.

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Date Night in Juneau


We are in Juneau, Alaska. Where should we go? What should we do? Is there a secret underground social nook we aren’t totally aware of? Hopefully this article can maybe give you some ideas on where and what to do on date nights! Here in Juneau there is actually a wide variety of things going on. You can go bowling, ice skating, or out to see a movie. There are even some unique and interesting options that you could try out.

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