Explore Southeast: Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

Who doesn’t love an old school Grey’s Anatomy reference? In our efforts to help prospective students pick, choose, and love UAS, we’re hosting our first annual EXPLORE SOUTHEAST event on April 1st and 2nd, 2016. This event will bring high school seniors from across the country to UAS to experience life in our little corner…

UAS Students Assist with Killer Whale Necropsy

BY ANNELIESE MOLL For the UAS Whalesong On Thursday, November 13, a killer whale was reported to have stranded near Bridget Cove. Several UAS students (Taylor Stumpf, Apple Aldana, Jonna Vachal, Mathew Stevens, Esteban Rivas, Holly Kelchner) were quick to jump at the opportunity to assist with a necropsy early the following morning. After racing…

Whalefest 2015

BY ANNELIESE MOLL For the UAS Whalesong On November 5th, a group of students taking a ‘Discussions in Marine Mammalogy’ class went to Sitka, Alaska, to attend the 19th annual Sitka Whalefest. Unlike other years, the symposium was held on the Sheldon Jackson campus rather than the Harrigan Centennial Hall. Many UAS students left early…

This Sequel is Better: The New Mendenhall Valley Public Library

BY JONAS LAMB For the UAS Whalesong Rarely are sequels better, but in the case of the Valley Public Library take 2, it’s a no-brainer. Having escaped the confines, burnt-pizza-and-pull-tabs ambiance of the Mendenhall Mall, the Valley Library has a new home and, for UAS students, this new venue for studying and hanging out is…

El Niño and Alaska

While is El Niño may not be enough to help California, there have been some particularly interesting for many Alaskan fishermen and scientists over the course of this last summer.

The UA Board of Regents at UAS

UAS was celebrated for outstanding attitudes and new approaches to learning, especially student initiatives and participation in and out of classrooms. I didn’t publicly testify for or against anything but instead listened to several individuals who gave heartfelt testimonies on the topic of tuition, and what increase would be acceptable.

Happy Trails

Since I moved to Juneau in 1996, I’ve always had a copy of 90 Short Walks Around Juneau, by Mary Lou King on my bookshelf. You can find this book locally at all bookstores. I crack it open almost every time I go out. It’s rich with information – not just the length and elevation of the trail, but with historical information and notes about wildlife.


To start with, let me say that I have several reasons for wanting to help out with orientation, as well as for why I think doing so is a great idea. One of the first and most prominent reasons is that it gets you back into the swing of social interaction really quick. I spent this past summer at home and, while I had a part-time job selling sporting equipment to youthful aspiring NFL linebackers, the majority of my time was spent in relative isolation 30 minutes away from all human contact. I went from 4 months with no real social interaction (apart from my pets and immediate family) to suddenly being immersed in people and introductions and events. If this sounds wild, you’re right! However, going from zero to a hundred in this regard is definitely not for everyone.

An Interview with Chancellor Caulfield

BY LEXI CHERRY For the UAS Whalesong The UAS Whalesong’s Lexi Cherry had the opportunity to sit down with newly-minted Chancellor Rick Caulfield. Lexi Cherry: Tell us your story. Who are you? Where did you come from? Rick Caulfield: I came to Juneau in 1975 on the ferry Columbia, and I ended up moving up…

Taking the Plunge for the Glory Hole!

Everyone gathered at Auke Bay on Feb. 7 for the 17th Annual Polar Plunge. There ended up being 50 jumpers and 75 onlookers in attendance. The temperature was pretty chilly and there were windy conditions in Juneau that day. The high temperatures for the Plunge were in the teens, and with the wind chill people were reporting that it felt like it was below zero!