Philosophical Traditions: The Golden Mean


There is a fine line between too much coffee and too little. I’m pretty sure most college students know this.

On one hand, too little coffee can mean lethargy, sleepiness, or inattention. When you’re as addicted to coffee as most college students, it can even mean a headache. All of these would contribute to an overall difficult time paying attention to class and homework—it could even mean falling asleep again, which we do not want.

On the other hand, too much coffee can mean an excess of energy and restlessness in both mind and body. When I, for example, drink more than two cups of coffee on an empty stomach, my hands start to shake. This can contribute to a kind of restless energy and problems concentrating. This wouldn’t be conducive to paying attention in class, either!

This is where our old (old, old) friend Aristotle has our backs.

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