Madness and Music

Spring semester of last year, for me, was one of the most stressful semesters I have ever had. I became so bogged down in theory, books, and essays that, one evening, I did something rash; something that actually helped me keep my sanity and finish the semester. I bought a tin whistle.

Literary Traditions: Children’s Literature

Now, the first question to ask about any kind of literature is what makes it different from any other kind of literature. Children’s literature is often thought of as very different. For most, children’s literature is made up of fairy stories and other ‘childish things.’ For Tolkien, however, fairy stories were never necessarily connected with children.

The Man who was Valentine

The real traditions that we have surrounding St. Valentine’s Day have been accomplished mostly due to a warping or blurring of the story I have just told you. St. Valentine’s signature is preserved on the letter, but the rest is smudged beyond repair.