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Back to school in style

By ERIN LAUGHLIN SPONSORED It is that time of the year again, the leaves are falling, and it is time to start layering up after a hot summer. Like every year there are new trends that you may or may not have in your closet, and this year you might have to steal from your mom. Mom jeans. High waisted, with wide knee space and … Continue reading Back to school in style

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Building community

NRSC welcomes all students to a safe and open space BY KHRYSTL BROUILLETTE Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Dude, what’s that delicious smell? A common question heard amongst students walking in the first floor of the Mourant Building on Friday, August 31. More than likely, that smell was radiating from the fresh fry bread the Native and Rural Student Center. Choosing to follow your nose could … Continue reading Building community

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Tossing dough and paying tuition

Local restaurant’s college tuition program offers students a way to pay for college By JORDAN LEWIS Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Signing off on upwards of $16,000 plus interest can be pretty scary at 18 years old, but tossing dough could cover the cost of tuition. Bullwinkle’s Pizza a locally owned Juneau restaurant offers its employees the opportunity to participate in a scholarship program on top … Continue reading Tossing dough and paying tuition

On exchange at UAS

Whalesong staff writer shares her experience and other exchange students’ experiences in Juneau By GABRIELLE ABREU Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Back in January I switched out my Timberlands for a pair of octopus “Xtratuffs’” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the course of the past four months nine other students and I have been lucky to find a home away from home … Continue reading On exchange at UAS

Gold Medal madness

Annual Gold Medal basketball tournament celebrate it’s 72nd year helping the community BY PENELOPE LITZE, Staff Writer When March rolls around, many people’s attention is drawn to March Madness-but in Southeast Alaska, Gold Medal is the basketball tournament residents wait all year for. It offers “the best basketball ever, lots and lots of fun and cheering for their community and unbelievable visits with Southeast Alaska … Continue reading Gold Medal madness

Cold students with warm smiles

2018 Winterfest Polar Plunge brings out adventurous students unafraid of a little freezing water By GABRIELLE ABREAU Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong In New York City, we don’t typically celebrate winter. This dreary season is synonymous with sludged streets and salt soaked boots, which consumes the sole of even the most expensive, toughest pair of boots around. In only a matter of hours every snowfall goes … Continue reading Cold students with warm smiles

Campus Inclusivity Alliance struts their stuff

UAS students walk the runway at the annual Wearable Arts show showcasing talent and hard work By ERIN LAUGHLIN Managing Editor, UAS Whalesong While most students were hanging out or doing homework Isadore Christenson and Gabby Kirchner were strutting their stuff on the catwalk Feb. 17 and 18 evening. The pair were participating in the annual Wearable Arts show representing their club the Campus Inclusivity … Continue reading Campus Inclusivity Alliance struts their stuff

A new kind of Sherlock

A review of Paul Kane’s Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell which takes place in Clive Barker’s world of Hellraiser By JORDAN LEWIS Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong Over the last decade, books and films have changed pop culture by using the idea of a connected universe to explore various types of stories. However, while many of these stories are converted into films, such as … Continue reading A new kind of Sherlock

Attendance equals success

One of the biggest tips for success this semester is showing up to class and keep an eye on deadlines By JORDAN LEWIS Staff Writer, UAS Whalesong With a new semester comes new students and new classes. Some students may find themselves feeling prepared for the challenges that come with the semester while for others , not so much. UAS Associate Professor of History David … Continue reading Attendance equals success